"The discovery of new worlds, in matter as in mind, 
is but the logical outcome of an infinite Universe."

1927 - August:
"If it is so the world will know of it"
William Cardinal O'Connell, Archbishop of Boston

1928 - July:
"Giannini, since words cannot confirm you, words cannot deny you. It is your work, and only you can give it."
Dr. Robert Andrews Millikan, President, California Institute of Technology (Pasadena) 
"Giannini, if you prove your concept it will establish the most complete Physical Continuity in the history of man."
The Rev. Professor Jerome S. Riccard, S.J. , Physicist & Seismologist, Santa Clara University (California)
"The memorable December 12th discovery of heretofore unknown land beyond the South Pole, by Capt Sir George Hubert Wilkins, demands that science change the concept it has held for the past four hundred years concerning the southern contour of the Earth."
Dumbrova, Russian Explorer

"..Physical Continuity of the Universe more daring than anything Jules Verne ever conceived."
Boston American (Hearst)

1947 - February:
"I'd like to see that land beyond the Pole. That area beyond the Pole is the center or the great unknown!"
Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, U.S.N., before his seven-hour flight over land beyona the North Pole.

1955 - April 6:
"Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd to Establish Satellite Base at the South Pole."
International News Service 
April 25:
"Soviet scientists to explore Moon's surface with caterpillar tank."
United Press November 
April 28:
"This is the most important expedition in the history of the world."
Admiral Byrd, before departing to explore land beyond the South Pole

1956 - January 13:
"On January 13 members of the United States expedition accomplished a flight of 2,700 miles from the base at McMurdo Sound, which is 400 miles west of the South Pole, and penetrated a land extent of 2,300 miles beyond the Pole."
Radio announcement, confirmed by the press February 5 
March 13:
"The present expedition has opened up a vast new land."
Admiral Byrd, after returning from land beyond the South Pole

"..that enchanted continent in the sky, land of ever-lasting mystery!"
Admiral Byrd

The tangible and real, 
On which our lives are based,

Was yesterday's ideal, 
A rosy picture traced

By some quaint visionary— 
Impractical, ""half-cracked"—

Painting his fancies eerie; 
And now it's solid fact

Whatever we hold stable, 
Dependable and sane

Was once a hopeful fable 
Of  "castles built in Spain."

Before the fact, the fancy, 
Before the deed, the Dream,

That builds by necromancy 
The hard, material scheme.

So all your towers that shimmer, 
Your lamps that light the sky,

Were once a tiny glimmer 
Within some seer's eye.

Time makes our empires scatter; 
But we shall build anew,

For only visions matter, 
And only Dreams are true.




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